Puppy Love

 Have you ever been loved by a puppy?
The slobbery kisses, wildly wagging tail, and adorable little face that licks you relentlessly with a no-holds-barred kind of love…there’s nothing like it!
 Wikipedia’s dictionary says the term “puppy love” came from the adoring, worshipful affection that may be felt by a puppy. I mean really, who doesn’t appreciate a little worship every now and then? J
Fourteen years ago, the sweetest ball of fluff bounded into my family’s home and captured our hearts forever. One look at our Golden Retriever puppy and we were goners. Smitten beyond belief. As he grew, so did our love for him.
We had to say good-bye forever to our Tanner last week. But, being wildly loved by him taught us a lot about how to express love to others. We’ve learned:
·      How you greet someone can make his or her entire day.
·      Everything is better when someone sits at your feet and listens.
·      Treats are always a good thing.
·      You can never be petted enough.
·      Loyalty is the loveliest of traits.
·      What you do is not nearly as important as who you have beside you.
Ah yes, it’s good to be loved by a dog. We’ll be forever grateful to the one who loved us and let us love him. We love you, Tan. Always.
Really Relating
Have you been loved by a dog? Tell me about it. What have they taught you?

3 responses to “Puppy Love”

  1. Oh Vickey, I'm so sorry. Losing a pet is just so, so hard. I've had the joy of being loved by a few different dogs. Its so nice to always feel special. They love being near you even if you are cranky, not showered, sick… no matter what! They also seem to have this way of knowing when you just need to be snuggled. I'm so sorry that your family is going through such a tough season. I am praying for you all. You will get through it! I'm praying for the Lord's peace to just rain on you. Sometimes life just seems so hard and not fair. I'm sorry friend.

  2. You make me want to try again! Almost…

  3. Heather B – Thank you for the precious words and sweet empathy :o) I'll take both any time! I too loved that Tanner and both of the cats I've had just loved to be near me. Other than God, they've definitely heard more of my tears than anyone else. They seem to sense when you're upset and stay near. I love that about animals.Thanks also for the prayers. Nothing I appreciate more. Seriously, keep 'em comin'!!! Life doesn't always seem fair, so I'm growing more and more grateful for God's promises to work good out of even the toughest of circumstances. I'm asking Him to show off good :)Trishita…don't beat yourself up about the return pup. You were wise to realize that the timing wasn't best. You have plenty of pup appropriate times ahead 🙂 And oh, what love awaits <3. Love you like crazy, friend.

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