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Something to Talk About 03/19/2010


Sharing His Secrets: Intimate Insights from the Women Who Knew Jesus
Get the inside scoop on intimacy with God from the women who actually walked and talked with Jesus! They know what causes tears to trickle down His cheeks, compels Him to reach out His hand in compassion, prompts Him to defend and forgive, and makes Him feel loved and enjoyed. This retreat takes a fresh look at their face-to-face encounters, searching for secrets that will help us experience a more life-altering intimacy with God today.

Triple Dip Friendships: Celebrating the Relationships in Your Life!
This retreat focuses on Three Favorite Flavors of Friendship: The Girls, The Guy, and The God Who Makes Them All Sweeter. It begins with a fun and lighthearted look at girlfriends and then helps you find the keys to unlock your husband’s heart. The last session focuses on the Best Friend to all and how to experience deeper intimacy with God. Grab a spoon and enjoy Triple Dip Friendships!

Fulfilling God’s Dream: Becoming All God Wants You to Be
Isn’t it amazing that the God who balances the clouds and hangs the stars in place created you as well? You were handmade by God! But, what in the world was He thinking of, when He created you? What are His plans and purposes for your life? Join Vickey as she seeks to help you answer these questions, that you can indeed become all God wants you to be.


My Life Is an Open Book
To share her testimony, Vickey brings along some of her very best friends – her journals! By opening them to her audience, she opens up herself and shares a very intimate account of her relationship with God. A sagging self-image, searching for God’s will, heart-wrenching pain over the hurts of others, laying dreams at God’s feet, and tales from the PMS dungeon are all there! Don’t judge this book by her cover. Open and enjoy!

Sharing His Secrets: Friendship with God
Vickey says, “Friendship with God is not only possible, it is what we were created for!” She believes God longs for intimacy with each of us, and only an intimate friendship with Him can meet the deepest needs of our hearts. How do you cultivate this kind of friendship? What is God looking for in a friend? Who does He share His secrets with? Vickey answers these questions and more in this intimacy-enhancing session.

Living A Life That Matters
To live a life that matters, we must be about accomplishing our purpose. Regardless of your temperament, training, and talents, Vickey believes we all share a basic, two-fold purpose. This session takes a look at the life of Paul, an extremely purpose-driven man, to illustrate you can live a life that truly matters.

Girlfriends: The Family We Get to Choose
This session is a fun look at some of the lessons Vickey has learned from her girlfriends. In the midst of laughter and heart rendering truths, you will be given practical help on how to make and maintain your own family of choice. This session is a perfect choice for a girl’s night out event!

Keys to Your Husband’s Heart
Have you ever lost your keys? It’s maddening, isn’t it? In this session, Vickey leads you on a search for some very important keys – the keys to your husband’s heart. She takes you through God’s Word and highlights some contemporary Christian books on marriage as well. One thing is for certain, at the end of your search you will have found your keys. Whether or not you use them will be up to you.

Love Letters: Leaving a Lasting Legacy
When God wanted to assure us of His love for all time, what did He do? He wrote about it in His letters. That’s what the Bible is – a collection of love letters from God. Vickey will help you follow His heavenly example and put your love for others on paper, that they may hold your words in their hands and relive them over and over again. (This session is especially appropriate for Mom’s groups.)

Filling Mommy’s Cup
In the Tea Party of Life, we all come with a cup to be filled. Who spends most of her time filling up everyone else’s cup? Mommy does! But, who fills Mommy’s cup? The Holy Spirit – He alone can keep her cup full. He’s like the bottomless teapot! With the help of Scripture, this session examines how to so decorate our world with reminders of Him that our cups remain full of good fruit to share. (This session has also been adapted for groups with women who aren’t mothers.)

Wrapped With Love: The Gift of Christmas
Don’t you just love presents? It’s so easy to view Christmas as a massive mission to find that “just-right” gift for everyone on your list. With humor and substance, Vickey challenges you to not allow ANYTHING to take your eyes off Jesus this holiday season. She asks you to pause in the midst of it all and reflect on God’s oh-so-perfect, just-right gift of Jesus. She then prompts you to move beyond reflection and to respond as the Wise Men did when they came upon the Savior – they brought Him presents! But, that’s not all! Find out what He wants from you this Christmas.

Other topics include: Getting A Grasp On God’s Word, Journaling Your Journey, and Mary, Mary Extraordinary, How Did Your Devotion Grow. All topics can be adapted to tie into the theme, time frame, and needs of your group.