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Still The One 02/26/2010

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February, the Month of Love, is drawing to a close. I can’t say good-bye to it without paying tribute to the man who still holds my heart in the palm of his hands.
I’ve been married for almost 27 years now, and I’ve never been more grateful. Should you not have a husband, or should you have one that you’d like to whack over the head with a frying pain, please don’t slam your computer shut or start yelling obscenities at me. I know how fortunate I am.
But, you probably don’t know why.
For the first 23 years, I was a really good wife. I worked hard at it. Constantly. Although far from perfect, I read numerous books and attended seminars on marriage, cooked and cleaned when I didn’t want to, embraced my husband’s family to the point that they truly become my own, trusted and followed him even when I wasn’t crazy about his decisions, made lists of all the reasons I was grateful for him, washed his dirty clothes, ran his errands, supported his dreams, served alongside him, prayed for him diligently, altered what I wanted to do and how, only spoke well of him, and tried with every fiber of my being to love my Brian like he wanted and needed to be loved. I even learned to like fish!
There are 2 problems with the above scenario. The first being that while it might make me sound good, the truth is that Brian made this all embarrassingly easy. Seriously. The man is the epitome of a servant leader. I’ve never met anyone that is easier to love and respect, more sacrificial and generous.
The second problem is that our lives took a violent turn 4 years ago and my little world was rocked. Tragedy upon tragedy left me feeling I didn’t have much to give to him or anyone else. But Brian, well he became more supportive, more loving, and more sacrificial.
That is why I’m grateful.
Ecclesiastes 4:10 says,If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But people who are alone when they fall are in real trouble.”
Although he was hurting too, when I was at my worst, Brian refused to leave me there. He reached out and tried to pick me up. Again and again and again. That is my love story in the making.
Oh, how I do love that man. After all these years, he’s still the one I want to say “I Do” to.
Really Relating
Is there someone in your world who has fallen and feels all alone? There’s no alone like that alone. That is real trouble. How would God have you reach out and help them today?

Put Your Love On Paper 02/20/2010

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I have one. My daughter has one. You probably have one too.

Whether they’re tucked away in a shoebox under your bed, saved in a folder on your computer, or stuck in a drawer of your desk. Whether they’re from your parents, friends, sweetheart, a teacher, or a combination of them all. Whether they’re mushy or simply encouraging. Somewhere, I’m guessing you have a card, letter, or an email…
You have a love note.


Why do we keep these notes of encouragement and affirmation? Why do we hold on to these expressions of love and appreciation? 

Life is hard.
It wears us down and throws dirt on our fairy tale dreams. We don’t always get the job, the boy or girl, the life we thought we wanted. Or, if we did get the life we wanted, it brought with it a boatload of reality that we never bargained for.
So we go to our love notes; these priceless reminders that someone, somewhere, believed in us. They appreciate our efforts. They think we’re special.
Because someone took the time to put their love for us on paper, we can hold their words in our hands and be reminded of the one thing that we need to know above all else,
We. Are. Loved.

So save those words of love and encouragement. Treasure them. Bask in them. Hold them in your hands and read them over and over again. But, whatever you do,  

Put your own love on paper.
Take the time to put your love for someone on paper today. You may be the love note they’re looking for. 
Really Relating 
Who will you write today? Go ahead, put your love on paper. Tell someone thank you for something particular. Acknowledge their gifts and potential. Thank them for being there for you. Be the love note they’re looking for.