Everywhere I Go

Who do you see when you look into the mirror?
Me? I see my Mother.
Every morning and every night, when I look into bathroom mirror to wash my face, brush my teeth, to put on or take off my make-up, I see her. First, I see her beautiful smiling face atop the Obituary that someone laminated on pink paper and sent me. I keep it taped to my mirror. Is that morbid? I never think of it as an Obituary. Never read the words actually, although I’m the one who wrote them. I just like to see her picture everyday, smiling back at me. She looks so happy, and that makes me smile. And when I smile, well that’s when I see her again. In me.
My mother is in me. Always. Everywhere I go.
My father says I have her perfect nose. I love that and I love that my son has it too. I have her figure, her walk, and the sound of her voice. Her smile is my favorite feature that we share. She gave me an appreciation for beauty and keeping family close. And she passed on her maniacal love for all things Christmas to my daughter.
Although I’ve been a walking reminder of my Mom to people my whole life, the older I get, the more I see and hear her in me. I love that now, more than ever.
I love that I take my Mother with me…everywhere I go. 
Really Relating 
Who do you take with you? What personally traits and passions have you picked up from others? How has knowing them made an impression on who you see in the mirror? I’d love to hear!


One response to “Everywhere I Go”

  1. I found this necklace the other day that my mom gave me. It has a photo on it of me and my mother. She's 21 and I and 1. I, like my mother, love to get on the floor and just "be" with my kids. She's always been a quality time person and so am I. I am a sanguine like my dad – never met a stranger.He has also instilled in me to give and love freely.Of the many wonderful traits of Jason's that have rubbed off on me – one I see very clearly is the ability to let things go – material or not. Junk is junk. :)Great post.

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