Fighting Mad

I knew I was getting sick when I went to bed Monday. Drainage in the throat, head clogged up, couldn’t breathe, etc. By morning, I felt I’d been pummeled in a prize fight. Since I’m dealing with my Dad’s Cancer and Christmas – the most UNnormal of situations, I dragged my heavy head to the Doctor.
Explaining that although I was clearly contagious, the Dr. refused to write me a prescription. She said it was TOO EARLY in the stage of my cold and it wouldn’t help yet! That is when I lost it. Seriously. I couldn’t quit crying, blubbering on about not being able to expose my Dad, blah, blah, blah. Talk about embarrassing. I’ve dealt with chronic pain every day of my life for years. Fought grief and it’s accompanying depression with a maniacal vengeance. Painted a smile on my face when I wanted to drop kick my Father’s Cancer and Chemo. But…I cried because the Doctor wouldn’t give me a Z-pack!
Confident the Dr. surely thought I was an absolute nut case (and that I probably was!), I was hanging my head all the way home. Defeat written all over me. That’s when I remembered something Jesus said,
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. 
 I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. 
      Jesus, John 10:10
Normally, a hopeless romantic like me would be flattered over the idea of being fought over…but not like this! Thinking about Satan coming after my family and I immediately changed my mood. I got mad. I popped up my hanging head and said aloud in my car, ”Leave me alone! You can’t have me!” 

Call me certifiably crazy, I don’t care. But know this: you too are being passionately pursued. God has a full and abundant life planned for you, one where there is hope even in the midst of madness. But slimy Satan has something far more sinister in mind. Let’s keep our guard up and our fighting gloves on. Let’s not let him take the life that is rightfully ours.
Really Relating
How is Satan messing with you? What has helped you to fight back?

3 responses to “Fighting Mad”

  1. Man, I needed to read this today! Satan has been seriously messing with me today through discouragement. As I think you know, we just finished FPU, and we've done so well, Praise the Lord . . . BUT due to a clerical error I made this week our finances got all wacky and I just had an ugly cry this morning. I opened up my journal, my Bible and the devotional I am working through and was directed to Luke 24:13-32 – the road to Emmaus. Talk about being discouraged….they were! I was reminded that I needed to pick up my head and see things clearly… and to see Jesus walking right there with me. I got out of my funk pretty quickly. 🙂 So, I am fighting back by staying in the Word. Satan has nothing on it!

  2. WOW!!! You are one faithful woman we all learn from. Satan follows me with hatred towards an individual who has effected my life…how I fight back, when I do….the Holy Spirit and the word of the Lord…Which I need to draw to more. Thank you Vickey!

  3. So encouraging Vickey. I am thankful when I recognize the thief coming to "steal, kill, and destroy." I want to be strong with you. Even this morning, the enemy lurked and invited opportunity for destruction in my life- but I saw it for what it was- a lie! I cling to the hope and the life to the full that Christ has given me! Back off Satan!

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